Brittain Storey

Hey, friends! I’m a senior writer over here at Coast360. I’m a lifelong vacationer and lover of the Alabama Gulf Coast, and had the privilege of living here for several years. 

Though I’m now back in my hometown in Tennessee, I look forward to visiting as often as I can and crafting creative content about the many different ways you can experience and enjoy the Alabama Gulf Coast from the perspective of both visitor and former resident. As a mom of littles now, it’s a treat getting to re-experience my favorite destination through their eyes.

My favorite ways to spend time in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are first and foremost relaxing on the beach and swimming in the Gulf, followed by trying a decadent new dish and tasty cocktail at one of the area’s many fantastic eateries. 

My advice to visitors is to savor the slower pace of life along the Alabama Gulf Coast instead of running from one activity to the next. I’d also encourage you to take advantage of all the free and budget-friendly things to do, like exploring Gulf State Park, searching for seashells along the beaches, and watching the sunrise and sunset. 

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