The Top 12 Restaurants on the Alabama Gulf Coast

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In no particular order, here are the best 12 places to get your breakfast, lunch, and dinner across the Alabama Gulf Coast.

#1. Cayman Grill

Cayman Grill

Cayman Grill

Repeat after us. “I will order from the wood grill. I will order from the wood grill.” That’s your Cayman Grill mantra. Tell your tastes buds we said, “You’re welcome”.









#2. Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina

Fisher's Orange Beach

Fisher’s Orange Beach

America should send Bill Briand and Jonny Fisher as our representatives to the 2016 Olympics. Ok, we know there’s no food category at the Games, but you get our point. These two make an unstoppable team. When the James Beard Nominations start rolling in, we won’t even say we told you so.







#3. Cobalt The Restaurant

Cobalt Restaurant

Cobalt Restaurant

If you don’t like perfectly cooked, succulent seafood and breath taking sunsets, then do not go here.









#4. Louisiana Lagniappe

Louisiana Lagniappe Lobster and Crawfish

Louisiana Lagniappe

There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe the deliciousness that exists on this menu! Classic Louisiana cuisine served up with a little something extra (which, by the way, is what Lagniappe means…see what we did there?) #winning













#5. Big Fish

Big Fish

Big Fish

Words we associate with Big Fish: seared tuna, filet mignon, mussels, sushi, wine, decadence, upscale perfection. We can just stop there, right?








#6. Desoto’s Seafood Kitchen

DeSoto's Seafood Kitchen

DeSoto’s Seafood Kitchen

The perfect family restaurant (deliciousness and Southern hospitality included). Don’t believe us? Desoto’s wins the People’s Choice Awards year after year, and it gets its reputation honest. So trust the people, y’all.











#7. FloraBama Yacht Club

FloraBama Yacht Club

FloraBama Yacht Club

What’s that I hear? A Bushwacker calling your name, that’s what. Pull up by boat, come by car…do what you’ve got to do, just get here. Start with a Lobster Corn Dog and some Chargrilled Oysters as apps. End with some beignet fries for dessert. You can’t go wrong with what you choose to do in between.








#8. The Gulf

The Gulf

The Gulf

Located at Alabama Point, this little restaurant is on point. The revolving menu is drool-worthy featuring fresh, local ingredients. Curl up on a couch, nab a cabana, or sit at a more traditional table. Either way, the only thing that rivals the food is the view. Oh, hello there Gulf of Mexico.










#9. Lambert’s Café

Lamberts Cafe

Lambert’s Cafe

Don’t wear your skinny jeans to this country cookin’ establishment. Keep your eyes on the prize when trying to finish the huge helpings of Southern favorites like Chicken ‘n Dumplings, Hot Beef Sandwiches smothered with gravy, and Pork Chop cutlets. Be sure to watch out for flying dinner rolls. If nothing else, you know you’re in the right place in a restaurant that serves complimentary fried okra.






#10. The Hangout

The Hangout

The Hangout

If you’re doing The Hangout right, you’ve got a Hangout Lemonade in one hand, you’re listening to fabulous music, and you’re ordering The Incredible. Or the Bacon Egg Cheeseburger. Or the Shaka Shrimp Po’ Boy. This could go on for a while.








#11. LuLu’s at Homeport Marina


Lulu’s Homeport Marina

The Crazy Sista knows what she’s doing. With entertainment for the kids (water walkers), the teens (ropes course), and the adults (the band and, ya know, the bar), if you get bored at Lulu’s, it’s your own fault.








#12. Shipp’s Harbour Grill

Shipps Harbor Grill

Shipps Harbor Grill

You make the reservation and we’ll help you decide what to order. Go for one of everything. Ok, ok, we can’t ever decide either. Here’s a hint: it’s all flawless.