The Best Spots for Social Bragging – 6 Tips for the Perfect Pic

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If a vacation takes place and no one Instagrams it, did it really happen? We think not.

On the Coast, the landscape is magazine worthy and the food is striking. Seriously, it should be a sin to look this good. How can you make your friends and followers #superjelly while they’re stuck at home?

Let us help you with these tips on the best spots for social bragging.

Tip #1: Encounter Something Wild

Start by snapping a picture of yourself at one of the animal encounters at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo and make all of your animal-loving friends jealous. Because snuggled up with a tiger is a typical way to spend a Saturday afternoon, right? If you’re visiting the Gulf Coast, the answer is most certainly yes. You can also:

Gulf Coast Zoo and a furry friend

Gulf Coast Zoo and a furry friend

  • Get cozy with a snake or alligator at the Reptile Garden
  • Let the lemurs climb all over you
  • Get up close and personal with a kangaroo
  • Schedule a Tiger Encounter*

*Note: Tiger encounters are available by reservation only at scheduled times throughout the day

Tip #2: #youknowyourejealous

Nothing invokes jealousy like a picture overlooking the Gulf, so nab a classic balcony shot. We like places like the Island House Hotel where every room has a waterfront view. Hands on the hip if you’re on the end, ladies!!

The Classic Balcony Shot

The Classic Balcony Shot

Stay classic by posing on the shoreline. You can’t go wrong with sparkling turquoise waters and sugar white sand. Grab a hospitable stranger to shoot from the shore, and get in the water for a fun group shot.

Tip #3: My Meal is Better Than Yours

#EatYourWay around the beach, and show off the edible Gulf Coast. A few impressive and drool-worthy suggestions:

Bill's by the Beach Bloody Mary

Bill’s by the Beach Bloody Mary

  • Grab a giant platter of seafood to share (if you’re so inclined). Gorging yourself on Alabama Gulf Seafood is definitely brag-worthy. Try the Gulf Steamer Tray at The Steamer Baked Oyster Bar.
  • Bill’s Loaded Bloody Mary is an epic drink (a term we use loosely seeing as it’s topped with a slider, shrimp, Conecuh sausage and cheese, bacon, cherry tomatoes, **takes deep breath** olives, pickled okra, cocktail onions, spicy green beans, and celery). #Instayum
  • Take a selfie with a colorful cocktail like a Rum Runner from Bahama Bob’s Beachside Café because if your drink matches the Gulf or the sunset, you’re doing it right.

Tip #4: Picture Perfect

Hire a professional photographer or pack your tripod, and curl up near the dunes and sea oats (just not in them) for timeless family portraits. Go ahead, do the whole everyone wearing white thing…we totally get it. Try one of these spots:

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

  • Gulf State Park Pier & Beach
    20800 East Beach Boulevard
    Gulf Shores, AL
  • Alabama Point
    27835 Perdido Beach Boulevard
    Orange Beach, AL

Tip #5: Classic Tourist Pic

Call it typical, call it cheesy, call it whatever you want, but we call it worth it. We know, we know, you don’t want to look like a tourist. Well lucky you, we locals still take these classic shots. Put together a scavenger hunt and nab as many of these as you can.

The Shark at Souvenir City

The Shark at Souvenir City

  • In the chairs in front of LuLu’s at Homeport Marina – Tell the Crazy Sista we sent ya.
  • With the hands or the giant chair at The Hangout – Bonus points if you’re at the Hangout Music Festival.
  • With your new airbrushed teeThere’s no shame in keeping up your airbrushed t-shirt game.
  • In the shark’s mouth at Souvenir City – We’ll even allow for an “I got attacked by a shark” caption.
  • With your face in the FloraBama’s wooden cutoutA few bushwackers (for those of age) helps to make this picture even more priceless.
hangout chair

The Big Chair at The Hangout

Tip #6: Soaring High

What’s the best way to get a true grasp of Coast? With an aerial view, of course. We suggest having someone photograph you from the safety of the ground, but hold on tight to those phones if you’re taking a selfie.

Ferris Wheel At The Wharf

Ferris Wheel At The Wharf

  • On the Zipline at Gulf State Park – Get extra points if you rock a Go-Pro.
  • ParasailingBetter pack that Lifeproof case.
  • FlyboardingIf you can frown while flyboarding, we’ll be shocked.
  • On the Ferris Wheel at the Wharf –Better than the State Fair.