Staying with friends at Island House Hotel

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We know that accommodations at the beach are busy places to work. The staff interacts with hundreds, even thousands of guests each week. It is understandable that we all start to feel like a number instead of a name.

But at Island House Hotel in Orange Beach, the staff knows the importance of making each guest feel welcome. And that welcome begins with a name, your name. And it continues with the kind of genuine hospitality you expect from friends.

At Island House Hotel you can count on the staff to make sure that your on-site experience is top-notch, from the crisp-white sheets on your bed, to the private balcony, to the pool and all points in between.

And when you are ready to venture out along the Alabama Gulf Coast, you can count on the staff again to offer reliable recommendations about where to eat, where to fish or golf, where to play with your family. That’s because the staff live here and they know the area. They want you to enjoy every moment of your vacation.

When the time comes to leave and head home, you’ll promise yourself that you’ll be back soon. And you’ll stay with your friends at Island House Hotel.