Southern Style Crab Cakes at The Crab Trap

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Okay, fine. Those folks up in Maryland and thereabouts may lay claim to the best crab cakes in the country. That’s only because they haven’t ventured down the Gulf Coast to see how they do it Southern Style at The Crab Trap in Perdido Key.

It all starts with crab meat, and lots of it. The Crab Trap boasts 85% crab meat in their crab cakes. And that’s math you can taste in every bite. The other ingredients are just there to hold it all together until you can get it to your mouth.

But the true southern and gulf coast flair come from how those crab cakes are served. The massive cake is placed on a perfectly fried green tomato over a bed of roasted corn Maque Choux. Then the whole thing is topped with a remoulade sauce.

Southern Style Crab Cakes, The Crab Trap

Southern Style Crab Cakes

You can order a single crab cake as an appetizer, or double the order for an entrée. We promise you’ll savor every bite. And if you catch a second when you think nobody is looking, you seriously consider licking your plate. It really is that good.

And to round it all out, The Crab Trap has all the tropical drinks, a full seafood, chicken and steak to handle everyone in your group. If you look up from your plate long enough, you can enjoy amazing beach views as well.