Sippin’ into Sunset at the Pink Pony Pub

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Coastal sunsets are a magical time to share with friends and family. And in Gulf Shores, there’s no better place to gather to watch the sun slip into the horizon than the famous Pink Pony Pub.

If you’ve only driven through Gulf Shores once, no doubt you remember seeing the Pink Pony near the main public beach. After all, it is really pink. As the owners say, it is bubble gum pink, Pepto pink, like 90% of Barbie’s wardrobe pink.

While it has grown a little since its opening in 1956, this is still a relatively small restaurant and bar. Good thing they have a roomy wooden deck for the crowds to spread out while they enjoy delicious nachos, burgers, shrimp and oysters.

And what do they order to go with all that yummy food? The Pink Pony serves up an impressive drink menu that satisfies the craft beer enthusiast, the frozen drink fanatic, the cocktail devotee and certainly the no frills, just give me a cold beer folks.

Pink Pony Pub, Gulf Shores

You can find all those folks coming together for the most special time of day at the Pink Pony – sunset. As the sun heads to the west it is time to celebrate with a Bushwhacker, maybe a Strawberry Daiquiri or the Pink Pony’s signature Bob Marley which artfully blends strawberry, piña colada, banana, melon, orange, coconut rum and dark rum.

Sunsets can also be toasted with a classic cocktail, a traditional American beer, a newer craft brew or a glass of wine. No matter what you like to drink, the Pink Pony is the place for sippin’ into a coastal sunset.