Shopping for Great Golf in Fairhope

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Ladies, do you like to include a day trip over to Fairhope during your Alabama Gulf Coast vacation? With all the fabulous shops lining the quaint city streets, you could easily spend the day browsing, and of course dining at one of the cafes. But what to do with your husbands? They hate to shop and they’ll complain all day… unless they’re busy golfing at nearby Rock Creek Golf Club!

Before you even bring up the topic, have their website handy and start by asking your husband if he’d like to play golf at one of the top courses in Baldwin County, one designed by Earl Stone.

If you need to drop some golf lingo, tell him the Rock Creek course is both forgiving and visually spectacular with significant elevation changes. And don’t forget to mention that Golf Digest consistently rates Rock Creek with 4.5 stars. And if he’s worry about the summer heat, let him know that like all Honours Golf courses, they offer iced towels to cool things off.

By now he’ll have figured out your plan, but he won’t mind. He’ll be ready to book tee time for the guys. And you can call the girls and plan that shopping day.