A Real Flight of Fancy

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Some people just aren’t content to enjoy their vacation from the ground. They yearn for something more, for a different point of view. These are the people you see parasailing and ziplining to gain some altitude during their trip to the beach.

But for those really ready for a higher perspective, there’s Beach Flight Aviation. They provide your chance to truly soar like the pelicans and sea gulls. And you do so from the seat of a power hang glider.

Don’t think this is a laid back tour though. Instead, this is a lesson, a real flight lesson from an FAA-certified instructor. The goal is to show folks just how amazing power hand gliding is in hopes of inspiring people to continue their flight training.

If you are already working towards your pilot’s certificate, your lesson counts. If not, it could be your first step to a new passion.

Lessons begin at the Jack Edwards National Airport, located just north of the Intracoastal Waterway. Because of the manufacture’s limitations, the flight is for ages nine and up with a height of at least 4’6”. The weight limit is 242 lbs.

Before you book your flight, be sure to grab our coupon to save on your photo/video package.