Pale Ginger’s Beach Planner

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(How to “Shade” in the Sun)

Ginger’s Unite! Welcome to the most gorgeous place in the world. Sun, fun and a cool little corner of the world. It’s a great place to be… PALE!

So not everyone can be a Hawaiian Tropic model with glowing, golden skin and no tan lines discernible to the disapproving mom’s eye, right? Some of us enjoy being able to read in the dark by the light of our own skin, or being that “beacon” in a dark theater to find a seat.



Sure… go ahead and laugh. We’ll wait.

Truth is, not everyone can be a beach goddess and some of us really can’t be in the sun. So what do you do in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach to get all the benefit of a trip without the trip to the E.R.?

Tip 1 – Sunblock – any drug store, grocery store, sundries store, T-shirt shop, and beach store has the stuff; from SPF 8 to SPF Nuclear Blanket. You know this, you live this. No need to go into more detail.

Tip 2 – Ask your hotel/condo ahead of time about shaded areas by the pool and beach. Some places have umbrellas and chairs ready for you. If not, may we recommend our friends at Beach Bum? You can rent chairs, umbrellas and other items for Pale Gingers. Paleness at a value price!

Tip 3 – Awesome hats; straw, plastic and visors are available pretty much everywhere including T shirt shops, drug stores and of course souvenir stands. Not your Grandma’s floppy hat with flowers either; there are all kinds of wide-brimmed hats perfect for Ginger coverage!

Tip 4 – Movies, Shopping and Fine Dining with a cocktail between 10am – 2 pm. Best thing about this area is there is plenty to do besides glare at sunbathers from under your umbrella with SPF 300 all over you. Shopping is easy from the local souvenir shops to the Tanger Outlet up the road a few miles and even plenty of strip malls with cool, local boutiques. Movies and matinees are easy to be had in both Gulf Shores and Orange Beach:

And yes food and drink is also a Pale Ginger’s escape! Plenty of covered eating places with great views and wonderful food. This Pale Queen’s favorite haunt is The Gulf.


Tip 5 – Best location – the comfort of your own room; preferably with a balcony and a chair. Think about this, no sand in your suit, no mad dash to lobby to go inside and no line for the bathroom! You have snacks all to yourself and no one will judge you for watching today’s paternity test results on Maury on TV either.

Tip 6 – While you are stocking up on the SPF at the drug store, pick up a little self tanner too. Who will know besides you that your suntan came from a bottle made in Iowa? Apply carefully and presto… you are a sun-kissed Ginger!

You can also spray tan too – there are at least 5 sunless tanning salons in Gulf Shores and even more in Orange Beach. (We will carefully avoid the bad pun of going “orange” with a spray tan in Orange Beach…ahem)


Tip 7 – If outdoors cannot be avoided at the water’s edge, you may want to consider renting a wet suit. Nope, not kidding, you can do that. See our friends at Down Under Dive Shop.


Pale Ginger 3

While everyone else is whining and complaining about sun burn and looking like a bloated tomato, you will be your fabulous Pale self with Ginger features glowing at the beach, all year long!

Who cares that people make fun of us or dogs run away barking… our Ginger-Awesomeness is only for the special few. No chunks of skin falling off in 2 weeks and no awkward lotion accidents under your clothes after you get dressed.

Best part is that in 20 years you won’t look like a leather handbag with eyes!

Ginger Power!