Nightcaps | A Bar Hopper’s Guide

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Whether it’s one last cocktail or a sweet treat, we know the best places on the island to wrap up the evening. The Coast is asking if you want to come in for a nightcap—go ahead, we won’t tell.


O’Choppers Irish pub

Closing Time: 2:00 am

Suggested Nightcap: A pint of Guinness (and some Irish Stew, too)

Why? Because who knew you could get fabulous Irish fare and pub darts at the beach?


Flying Harpoon (& Flying Harpoon 2)

Closing Time: 1:00 am

Suggested Nightcap: Rum Runner (Just one, though. Don’t be a hero.)

Why? Because its “dive” looks are deceiving. Just don’t tell the locals we gave away their favorite bar.

Flying Harpoon

Flying Harpoon










Pink Pony Pub

Closing Time: 3:00 am

Suggested Nightcap: Bob Marley

Pink Pony Pub

Pink Pony Pub

Why? Because you need that Pink Pony Pub souvenir glass in hand when you’re slinging your favorite jams on the karaoke mic.









Island Time Daiquiris

Closing Time: 2:00 am

Suggested Nightcap: OBA 190 (Orange Beach Attitude)

Why? Because you can settle in for some live music or get it to-go.


Pirate’s Cove  

Pirates Cove - Raw Bar

Pirates Cove – Raw Bar


Closing Time: 8:00 pm (weekdays), 11:00 pm (Saturday), 8:30 pm (Sunday)

Suggested Nightcap: Bushwacker (with a 151 floater, if you want to kick it into high gear)

Why? Because 80 years worth of locals can’t be wrong about this hole-in-the-water.







Closing Time: 3:00 am

Suggested Nightcap: PBR in a can

Why? Because America’s “Last Great Roadhouse” needs to be checked off your bucket list.


Our Cigar Bar

Closing Time: 2:00 am

Suggested Nightcap: A cigar (we like the Olivia)

Why? Because it doesn’t get more sophisticated than a cigar, a cocktail, sunset, & piano show.


The Cove in Gulf Shores

Closing Time: 2:00 am

Suggested Nightcap: Grab an ice cold brew late night with the locals

Why? Because I’ll bet you a Bacon & Bleu Cheese Burger that I can beat you in a game of pool.


Bills by the Beach   

Bill's by the Beach

Bill’s by the Beach


Closing Time: 10 pm

Suggested Nightcap: Bill’s Bermuda Water

Why? Because it’s the only thing in Gulf Shores whose beauty rivals the Gulf itself…although it’s much tastier.


Matt’s Homemade Alabama Ice Cream

Closing Time: 11:00 pm (10 on Sundays)

Suggested Nightcap: Brownie Sundae’s

Why? Because brownies and hot fudge are having a love affair and we should all celebrate it.


Ginny Lane Bar & Grill

Closing Time: Late Night Menu served from 10 pm – 12 am

Suggested Nightcap: Philly Steak Panini

Why? Because it’ll soak up whatever needs soakin’, if you catch our drift.