Meet Norman the Owl

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When you visit the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo it is easy to be drawn to the tigers, the wolves, the bear, the alligator. And we admit it, they’re cool.  But they aren’t the only cool characters you can meet at the zoo.


Say hello to Norman! He is a beautiful Eurasian Eagle Owl who was born in captivity. He came to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo when he was only three weeks old. Since then he’s grown quite a bit. Norman frequently joins the zoo staff for their Education Program.


Here’s a fun fact about Norman. See those big ear tuffs? They are much more than decorative. Norman can control them with the muscles in his head and they are a great indicator of his mood. When his tuffs are relaxed, Norman is relaxed. Good to know!

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo has been entertaining locals and visitors since 1989. Located just a short drive from the beach, they are a popular stop for all ages. Be sure to check the schedule for Encounters before your visit and spend some close up time with lemurs, kangaroos or maybe even a tiger cub or two.

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