Master Joe Takes a Long Road to Serve Sushi in Orange Beach

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When you dine at a great sushi restaurant you may realize that the talented sushi artists behind the counter have spent years working on their skills. But would you ever think that the sushi master preparing your meal once worked as a doctor in China?

Master Joe

That’s where the story of Xian C. Ou – he goes by Joe – begins. He enjoyed working as a doctor, but jumped at the chance to pursue his passion and move to Japan to study under a sushi master. And this wasn’t a crash course; Joe studied for ten years carefully learning the basics.

From Japan, Joe moved to New York and worked in several restaurants. But once he and his wife Karen had children they began to look for a less hectic place to live. A chance trip to Fairhope to visit friends led to the decision to move.

Since his doors opened in 2009, diners in Fairhope, and from all over the Eastern Shore, have been keeping Master’s Joe’s place packed.

With the Fairhope restaurant going strong, Joe decided to expand with a new location on Canal Road in Orange Beach.  And it’s a big hit with both locals and visitors who appreciate the chance to savor truly innovative sushi and Asian cuisine.

It goes to show, you just never know the path someone has taken to pursue their dreams. We’re definitely glad that Joe found his way to the Alabama Gulf Coast.