Making Memories with Barefoot Dolphin Cruises

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You know it from the activity in your own home. If you want to see your family, just hang out in the kitchen. Eventually everyone will show up to check out the refrigerator and ask what’s for dinner. It works the same the dolphins.

That’s why the crew at Barefoot Dolphin Cruises has a success rate of 97%, meaning their passengers see dolphins on 97% of their tours. Given that these are wild dolphins in their natural environment and not a zoo setting, that’s an amazing rate.

Knowing where and how wild dolphins eat means that your captain can be in the right place at the right time to give you the best opportunity to see them. For Barefoot Dolphin Cruises that means a calm trip on the back bay waters.

During your cruise, your captain can share lots of information about the dolphins’ diet, their breeding, calving, and nursing behavior. They really are fascinating animals and seeing them up close is a treat for all ages.


The wave runner tour is a great way to see dolphins.

The wave runner tour is a great way to see dolphins.


When you call to book your cruise, ask about their popular wave runner option and the Pirate’s Cove Cheeseburger in Paradise run.