Gulf Shores Vacation Rentals Says Bring the Whole Family

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When word starts getting out that you are planning a trip to the beach in Gulf Shores, it doesn’t take long for brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and long-lost cousins to suddenly give you a call. It seems that everyone would like to join in the beach fun.

So embrace the idea of a large family gathering and call the specialists at Gulf Shores Vacation Rentals.

This large crew of yours is going to need somewhere unique to stay. You don’t want an impersonal row of hotel rooms. The whole point of this trip is to spend time together. That’s where Gulf Shores Vacation Rentals can help. They have a wonderful selection of rental properties for your family.

Room for everyone with Gulf Shores Vacation Rentals

Room for everyone with Gulf Shores Vacation Rentals

With a combined duplex you can divvy up your family among 12 bedrooms with room to sleep a total of 36. If that’s bigger than you need, try a large beach house with bedrooms ranging from six to ten. Smaller beach homes are available with three to five bedrooms if your guest list is shorter.

Tell Aunt Maggie and Uncle Joe that they’re welcome to join in.