Get Your Eat & Drink On at Luna’s

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Sandwiches are so boring. Said no one at Luna’s. Ever.

If your thoughts about sandwiches usually induce a yawn or two, you need to shake up your routine and wake up your taste buds with a visit to Luna’s Eat & Drink in Orange Beach.

Just take a gander at the amazing creations that are served up on two slices of bread… and don’t go thinking that the bread is boring either!

Luna's Eat & Drink: Baloney Sandwich

Luna’s Eat & Drink: Baloney Sandwich

What’s this? A baloney sandwich on the menu? Don’t worry. This one is all grown up with baloney, thick sliced and grilled, with a fried egg and American cheese all on toasted white bread.

Luna's Eat & Drink: Pigmento

Luna’s Eat & Drink: Pigmento

And pimento cheese? Yep. But this one is the Pigmento and it’s all the way gourmet with housemade pimiento, sliced bacon and fresh greens, panini pressed on focaccia bread.

Luna's Eat & Drink: Jack the Ripper

Luna’s Eat & Drink: Jack the Ripper

Hot dogs are for kids, right? Not when it is Jack the Ripper. Bacon wrapped, deep fried and topped with pimiento cheese, white BBQ and onion straws.

Luna's Eat & Drink: create your burger

Luna’s Eat & Drink: create your burger

Getting the idea? At Luna’s you can count on the kitchen to deliver a perfected version of your long-time favorites. Like their amazing burgers which are a gourmet blend of ground chuck, short rib and brisket and are one third pound. You can customize to create your own distinct masterpiece.

Here are a few more taste bud approved sandwiches to properly motivate you.

Luna's Eat & Drink: Bahn Mi

Luna’s Eat & Drink: Bahn Mi

Bahn Mi: roasted and sliced pork belly, pickled vegetables, jalapeno, cilantro and sesame & sriracha mayo.

Luna's Eat & Drink: Fried Mahi Sandwich

Luna’s Eat & Drink: Fried Mahi Sandwich

Fried mahi sandwich: BuzzCatz challah bread with garlic tarragon aioli, bacon, Swiss and house bread and butter pickles.

Luna's Eat & Drink: Crab & Artichoke Melt

Luna’s Eat & Drink: Crab & Artichoke Melt

Crab and artichoke melt: blue crab and artichokes blended with Parmesan and Swiss cheese, oven baked and dressed with fresh greens on focaccia bread.

You can see why we’re hooked on Luna’s Eat & Drink for great sandwiches… and we haven’t even talked about their drink menu yet.