Fat Daddy’s Brings the Fun

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Have you and your crew been to Fat Daddy’s Arcade in Orange Beach? We say it’s a blast for the kids and definitely should be on your vacation to-do list, rain or shine.

When you wake up to a rainy day forecast and the kids are clamoring for something fun to do, take them to Fat Daddy’s for hour upon hour of enjoyment. With more than 80 arcade games there really is something for everyone.  And if you are all about the prizes, many of the games generate tickets that you can take the redemption center.

Fat Daddy's Orange Beach

Fat Daddy’s Orange Beach

If the thought of getting soaked by the rain to take your crew to lunch has you fretting the trip, don’t worry; at Fat Daddy’s they serve up a really good pizza. Games. Pizza. Entertainment for hours. Yep, that’s a great rainy day escape.

Fat Daddy’s is also a great escape for those days when you’ve had too much sun and you need an indoor break from the beach or the water park.

Hours of fun at Fat Daddy's Arcade

Hours of fun at Fat Daddy’s Arcade

Fat Daddy’s is conveniently located in Orange Beach near Bubba’s Seafood House and Adventure Island.  Before you go, be sure to print out our coupon to get your adventure started with a free Fat Daddy’s Buck.