Cosmo’s Celebrates 10 Years

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When a restaurant reaches the 10-year milestone, it is reason to celebrate! So often in the industry, especially in a popular tourism destination, it seems a new restaurants pops up every week, and many unfortunately fade away. But if you’ve dined at Cosmo’s you know why they made it to the decade mark.

Officially on May 23, Cosmo’s proudly reaches their 10-year anniversary. It is truly a tribute to the hard work that owners Brian and Jodi Harsany put into their business and the devoted staff they have to see to all the details.

And like any celebration, we think this one calls for a great meal. So we grabbed the Cosmo’s menu and put together our pick for the perfect dinner experience.

It doesn’t matter how many appetizer choices they offer, we’re always going to pick the Firecracker Shrimp. It is the hands-down best way to start your meal. The shrimp are fried and then tossed in a spicy remoulade sauce.

From there we’re moving on to the Roasted Red Pepper Caesar Salad. It is a crisp blend of fresh romaine tossed with spicy croutons & parmesan in a fire-roasted red pepper Caesar dressing.

For our entrée, we’re going for the Banana Leaf Wrapped Fish. It’s the dish that landed Cosmo’s on the “the top 100 dishes to eat before you die” list from the Alabama Tourism Department.

And while we probably should stop right there for the sake of our waistband, this is a celebration and dessert is in order. No doubt the choice is the bread pudding of the day. We’re not sure what variety it will be, but we have no worries. We know it will be delicious and that it will leave us with a happy smile on our face.

Our suggestion to Cosmo’s for the next 10 years, install a napping porch to let folks recover from all that amazing food! Congratulations on a job well done!