Your Coastal View to a Thrill

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Sure, seeing our sugar white sands from beach level is just fine. The views are stunning, looking out over the Gulf waters. And if you are lucky to have a beachfront condo on an upper floor, the view from your balcony lets you enjoy a towering outlook.

But if you long for more… If you long to soar above it all and see the Alabama Gulf Coast from an adrenaline-packed vantage point, we have the thing for you. Actually we have two of them!

Chute Em Up Parasail and Flyboard Bama in Orange Beach are both ready to take you above the Gulf waters for a thrill ride.

Whether you’ve parasailed before or this will be your first try, it truly is a special way to float carelessly above the Gulf, waving at the people on the beach.

But if you are ready to try something new, look for Flyboard Bama to give you the feeling of surfing on jets of water. Balance yourself as the jets of water push you skyward. Can you do a flip?

Before you soar, grab our Coast360 coupons to save on your adventures!