24 Hours with Teens – A Survival Guide

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“Like me RN…..”      🙁

That’s the text message you see from your teen to whomever they are writing to. (Translation: “I am bored right now….”)


You have a bored teen? We have the solution to turn around your Instagrouch!

Here now is your survival guide to 24 Hours with Teens on your Alabama Gulf Coast Vacation!



ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ   :::::::checks phone:::::::::::::::::::::::::





Eating! ::::::::checks phone::::::::::::::::::


At 10 am, you want to start them out right and BLAST them into their day. After incessant complaining and phone scrolling, let’s start them with an activity that requires no phone but plenty of entertainment!

The SkyCoaster at The Track Gulf Shores

3200 Gulf Shores Parkway Gulf Shores, AL 36542

(251) 968-8111


The View from the Sky Coaster at The Track Gulf Shores

The SkyCoaster is a high thrill attraction which has you 110 feet up in the air and a FREEFALL of up to 70 miles per hour. In between screams of delight you get a nice “in the clouds” view of Gulf Shores out to the beach further down the road and a bird’s eye vantage point of the 3 Kart tracks and mini Golf and other awesome things to do at The Track!

Coolness Factor: 5 Thumbs Up

INSIDERS TIP: Take your Go Pro and post your video to The Tracks Facebook Page




Want to keep the thrills going? We recommend “flying” over moody, crabby teens and soaring right on to the water at Gulf Adventure Center.

Gulf Adventure Center

21101 State Highway 135
Gulf Shores, Alabama 36542

Ziplining at Gulf Adventure Center

Ziplining at Gulf Adventure Center

From Kayaks to the Paddle Boarding and canoe riding and the on-water obstacle course and the main event, ZIP LINES! Fly over the water and all your friends in one of the most unique parks the area has to offer. Bring your GoPro or body camera (but it has to be secured to you or small enough to tuck away!)   But those selfies though…

Coolness Factor: 5 Thumbs Up

INSIDERS TIP: You MUST wear sport sandals or tennis shoes. No flip flops will be allowed and toes of shoes must be closed. Trip Advisor guests suggest old tennis shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. Dress for a harness for Zipline so ladies that means leave the strapless tops and tube tops at your hotel. 😉



Time to head indoors with the heat of the day and also to let that lunch digest! After a great lunch at the restaurants at SanRoc Cay Marina in Orange Beach the girls can head off to do some shopping in the cute boutiques and the boys can head to the Marina and rent a boat, take a charter or watch some fresh catch come in.

Sanroc Cay Marina

27267 Perdido Beach Blvd.

Orange Beach, Alabama 36561


Watch the big fish come in at Sanroc Cay Marina

Coolness Factor: 3 Thumbs Up

No shoppers or boat fans in your crowd?

Try petting a lion or holding a Tiger at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

1204 Gulf Shores Pkwy, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Make an appointment to pet a Tiger!

Make an appointment to pet a Tiger!

Its pathways and walkways to see wolves, bears, tigers and more! Get up close and hold snakes, baby tigers, kangaroos and even lemurs! Bring those cameras – Gulf Coast Zoo encourages photos and selfies and post them to their Facebook page!

Coolness Factor: 4 Thumbs Up


If that’s not rocking your world and the kids want to stay outside then try Waterville, an enormous 20 –acre waterslide and amusement park.


906 Gulf Shores Pkwy, Gulf Shores, AL 36542


The best part of Waterville is that it is 2 parks in one; you have thrilling, cooling and splash-down waterslide fun, but then you can also ride roller coasters, bumper boats, kiddie rides and even a bounce house. Food and plenty of shady areas are available too. The park stays open all day in the summer but the water rides close at 6 pm with the amusement side open until 11pm.

Coolness Factor: 4 Thumbs Up

INSIDERS TIP: No food or drink allowed in at all, even water bottles. Bags will be searched! Leave the personal chairs and umbrellas at your hotel too, you won’t need them at Waterville.




So maybe it’s a good idea to have some creativity going on for your teen who may not be into all the thrills and chills of outdoor attractions. We have a few good ones to note:

Go home with your own island jewelry that YOU make. The Blue Girl Beading Company has Jewelry Classes where you can make your own Vacation treasure out of beads.

Blue Girl Beading Company

2200 East 2nd Street Suite F

Gulf Shores AL 36542

Make your own jewelry at Blue Girl Bead Co

Make your own jewelry at Blue Girl Beading Co

From bracelets to intricate neckpieces and even weave bowls, you can learn from the masters at Blue Girl and perhaps knock out that Christmas Gift list early! See website for details and times of classes. Don’t want to make anything? They have thousands of beautiful items to choose from.

Coolness Factor: 4 Thumbs Up



One of the most innovative activities for teen girls is found at High Cotton Bath Company just up the road in Foley, Alabama. (Another location at The Wharf in Orange Beach too) High Cotton Bath Company is where you can make YOUR OWN bath and body products!

High Cotton Bath Company

4751 Main Street
Suite F118

Orange Beach, AL 36561

High Cotton

Make your own bath products at High Cotton

With over 200 fragrances to choose from (hello Chocolate, Blueberry and Vanilla) and not just lotion; its spa robes and pillows and other cool gifts that will tickle your nose and delight your senses. It’s a place that emphasizes fun and personalized experiences and you won’t leave empty-handed!

Coolness Factor: 4 Girly Girl Thumbs Up



For the teen guys that like to play with fire (and make stuff too) we recommend The Hot Shop at the Coastal Arts Center in Orange Beach

Coastal Arts Center (Click the “Hot Shop” tab)

The Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach
26389 Canal Road
Orange Beach, AL 36561
Blow your own Glass!

Blow your own Glass!

Make an appointment to learn how to Blow Glass and make your own work of art! Take note of the clothing restrictions and the recommendations and make sure you call ahead for reservations.

Coolness Factor: 4 Manly Man Thumbs Up




These kids need a snack, a shower and a wardrobe change!

:::::::::checks phone:::::::::




There are a few great place for dinner to take teens where its “cool” to be seen with the parental units and good chance they can spot some “cuties” of the opposite sex   🙂

  • The Hangout

    – Centrally located in Gulf Shores the Hangout has it all; great food, a cool vibe and live music of all genres. Its pretty much a party all day and night and there is something for everyone. Even for the Under 21 crowd there are “Virgin” frozen drinks, Shirley Temples and other liquid treats. And the food is awesome; burgers, chips and salsa and plenty of teen-sized shrimp that will have them exclaim; “Bruh….” and nod approvingly. But prepare yourself to be challenged to tear them away from the water-front views!

  • The Gulf

    – One of our favorites, the Gulf is couches, chairs and plenty of “lounging” furniture right on the beach and arguably the BEST Grouper Sandwich on the planet. The view is spectacular and the unique “stacked shipping container” motif makes this outdoor venue a great place for cool photos under the torches and Japanese lanterns with music piped in that everyone will like. It’s no frills service (you walk up to the bar and to a window to order your food) but they bring it out to you and it feels more like a party in the sand than a restaurant. Again plenty of “Under 21” bar selections and make sure they order extra fries; they are yummy!


Coolness Factor: All 10 fingers since they will likely be holding food and a drink




The Wharf  –

Hands down the best place to be after dark for teens.

Ferris Wheel At The Wharf

Ferris Wheel At The Wharf

Plenty of restaurants, stores, a Ferris wheel and even a cool coffee bar and all outdoors so that there are plenty of places to check out the “cuties” and also to take great photos. So many cool events that go on all year so check their web page and calendar often. Live shows, music, light shows and you name, they do it.

Need a snack…? (Yes, they always need a snack!) There are plenty of places to get their grub on and also to find keepsakes to take home. They will love it!




::::::checks phone::::::::

::::::posts photos::::::::

:::::::checks phone:::::::